The process of updating the previous title deed to the new digital version: Land record digitization in Kenya

The digital evolution has brought about a transformation in the process of updating the traditional Title Deed to a modern version that is digital in nature. The E-citizen platform  offers efficient services that enable Kenyan citizens to carry out a range of tasks online. Digitalization facilitates convenient payments via credit or debit cards as well as MPesa.

If you are curious about the steps involved in converting the outdated title deed to the modern digital version, rest assured that we are here to assist you. A simplified procedure enables both sellers and buyers to easily complete the transaction. Even though the land digitization was introduced in 2021, it is rapidly gaining traction and will soon be implemented nationwide.

Kenya’s Digital Land Mapping

Kenya’s land digitization process involves the utilization of the Document Management System to effectively handle land record titles. This process encompasses the scanning, archiving, and indexing of deed files. To facilitate the digitization efforts by the Ministry of Lands, landowners are required to surrender their old title deeds in exchange for new ones based on the digitized data.

The process of digitization is poised to eradicate long-standing land injustices and problems like duplicate titles, document loss, and record destruction. Landowners need to understand the operations of Ardhi-sasa. Let us delve into the steps for obtaining a deed plan in Kenya.

What are the procedures on how to go about updating the previous Title to the Digital One?

Several years ago, the process of transferring title deeds in Kenya was arduous and consumed a significant amount of time. However, thanks to the advent of digitization, the Ministry of Lands has been able to efficiently and expeditiously convert old deeds into new title deeds. To replace the outdated title deeds, the following procedures can serve as a quick guide.

  1. Pay a visit to the Land Registry

This marks the first stage in transitioning your traditional deed to a digital format. If your property is situated in Nairobi, for example, you must go to the Central Land Registry at Ardhi House.

Please ensure that you bring the necessary original documents to prove your ownership of the land. These documents should include the Original Title Deeds, affidavits, ID cards, and any other identification documents that may be required.

  1. Please fill out the Application Form in its entirety

To convert the title deed in Kenya, it is necessary to complete Form LRA 97. It is important to remember to include the original documents that you have brought along.

  1. Screening

The screening process begins with the Registry staff examining your documents to verify the accuracy of each record. They need to validate your status as a genuine title holder by confirming the presence of a valid title number and authentic identity documents such as your National ID card or Passport.

Upon completion of the screening process and certification of all documents, the existing title deed will be invalidated, and a new Title Deed will be issued.

  1. Thorough Steps for Verifying the Digital Title Deed

The digitization of Title Deeds simplifies the process of conducting online searches. Familiarizing yourself with the procedure of checking Title Deeds online in Kenya, will enable you to easily acquire land. Below are the necessary steps to follow when verifying the digital deed.

  • Create an E-Citizen account. Sign in if you already have an account, or create one if you do not already have one.
  • Choose the Ministry of Land option, then proceed to the land search category. The user-friendly platform is accessible to all.
  • Enter the Title Deed number for verification and conduct the land search.
  • Verify that all information, including title and plot numbers, is accurate.
  • To finalize the submission, payment is required. The payment button allows for debit or credit card transactions, as well as MPesa payments.
  • The system allows you to get a hard copy print out for your records. The uncomplicated process only takes a few minutes, providing a seamless experience for land buyers.

 What are the benefits of owning a digital title deed?

  • Time-saving: By accessing digital Title Deeds online, you can save time by avoiding queues at the record office.
  • Precision: The accuracy and consistency of records streamline the process.
  •  Anti-corruption: Checking various deed plans in Kenya is secure, preventing any manipulation by cartels.
  • Safety: Digitized Title Deeds are protected from physical harm.
  • Convenience: Retrieving land records is made easy for any intended use.

What is the duration required to change title deeds in Kenya?

The procedure must be completed within a period of fewer than 90 days.

Is it possible to alter a Title Deed without obtaining consent?

A Title Deed mustn’t be altered without proper authorization. Nevertheless, instances of real estate fraud may lead to unauthorized changes through the forging of documents.

What Does the Title Conversion Process in Kenya Entail?

The current Title Deed numbers are being registered under new registration units, a process that necessitates a cadastral map from the Survey of Kenya. Landowners must surrender their old Deeds to the Ministry of Land and replace the Deed plan sample used for title processing. Rest assured, transitioning from the old title deed to the new digital one should not be a major concern. Moving to the digital realm will streamline property valuation, guaranteeing fair land purchases for buyers. Additionally, your land will be registered securely without any alterations.

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